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Best collagen I've ever used

I've tried many collagen brands over the years and PEARL is honestly the best I've ever had!! It's the first collagen powder I've had that doesn't taste horrendous and is actually tasteless. Most importantly, it's the only collagen powder that I've seen results with and in only a short period of time. My skin is the best it's been and my nails are so much stronger. Whilst it's an investment compared to other brands, you can honestly tell that you're paying for a quality product. So so happy and will definitely be a regular customer.


Par Olive has out done herself! This product is so amazing! I had run out for a couple of weeks and within a couple of days my skin looked even clearer and brighter. It really does make a difference :)

Love this product !

I have been enjoying this delicious product ( with coconut, oh yum) since it was launched. It makes my coffee richer and tastes great with my daily to go, 'Earl Grey with Soy milk - you have to try it to believe it !) Within the first few months I could see and feel the difference and my hair has begun to thicken up. This product is top quality at every stage, from the ingredients, the marketing, the packaging and labelling, but above all I am so impressed with the open book, down to earth and ethical approach from its ethical.


I started with the unflavoured pearl and finally decided to give this one a go. It dissolves much easier than the unflavoured version and the coconut isn’t too overpowering (which is why I held back). I love it. Probably more inclined to stick with this one now as I don’t get clumps floating to the top of my coffee anymore 👌🏼


It tastes great! In yougurt or coffee or coconut water. But the best news is PEARL ACTUALLY WORKS i see visible results after my first jar .... AMAZING

Beautiful product

Beautiful packaging, great flavour, perfect in my smoothies.

I LOVE this product. I've had really bad acne for some time now and its really helped get rid of my pimples in a matter of weeks. I am so thankful for a thoughtful product like this, that has considered the best ingredients that compliment and enhance each other to deliver the best skin results. It's also super yummy, so even if it didn't have all of the amazing benefits of clear skin, glowing complexion, minimised wrinkles, overall feeling better (which I didn't think one powder could do) I would still add it in my morning tea for a flavour enhancer :) thank you pearl!! xxxx

The best I’ve ever used

I have tested multiple brands of marine collagen (both Australian and international) over the course of about five years. PEARL is truly the most efficacious. I’ve experienced noticeable differences in the speed of my hair growth and health, strength of my nails and suppleness of my skin. It blends / mixes beautifully and the results speak to the quality of the product. Fortnightly subscription will never be cancelled!

Can’t live without Pearl

I’ve used a lot of collagen powders but none of them actually showed such visible results like Pearl. I start my day with two big scoops in my morning shake and I feel incredible. I also have never had more comments about my glowing skin than I do now, and I’m about to turn 40. Grateful 🙏

My daily pearl fix

You can't not notice the difference in your own skin. Pearl Collagen is amazing with its wholesome ingredients that work together to give you the best results ❤
Love it.

Delicious tasting and cleanest collagen available

I've been using Pearl Collagen powder for a few weeks now and really love the way it tastes and makes me feel. I use this supplement in my daily smoothie, it tastes delicious blended with almost any combination and I love that you can use this as a creamer in your morning coffee also. It's a beautiful product and I'm definitely seeing the results. I'll be purchasing again, it has a permanent place on my kitchen bench!

It works

I’ve tried a few different collagen powdered supplements including shipping from overseas. But this product is the best I’ve tried. My skin appears clearer, brighter, and the wrinkles I do have seem less visible. This product works.

PEARL Perfect Pair Starter
Teresa Armstrong

Hi I am very happy with the product and how quick it arrived 🙂


I literally can’t live without this now. I’ve already purchased refills! When I was out of this I could feel my skin drier and easier to get skin troubles…. My skin feels plumer and hydrated:)

Cleanest Collagen

Such a clean, beautiful product. So easy to incorporate it into everyday. I take it in my coffee and smoothies and I’m really noticing a difference after a couple of months.

A lovely product inside and out

First time trying collagen powders. Pearl tastes great with my daily coconut water and has a premium feel. I have been battling with some dermatitis recently, and I'm hoping this product will help to clear it up.

It’s working

After the first jar I wasn’t really sure if this was working but then when it was finished I noticed the difference for sure. Will be keeping up with this stuff religiously from now on

Hair & Nails like never before

I've never tried a collagen powder like it. This product is perfect and does what it says.
My hair and nails were so thick healthy and strong, within two weeks of use.
I also enjoyed the ritual of adding it to my coffee every morning.

Beautiful from the inside out!

This collagen is beautiful in so many ways.
The product itself is so beautifully packaged and presented its divine. The collagen itself once you’ve tried it speaks for itself. It has a beautiful texture, you can see the quality just looking at the powder but the results are nothing less than amazing. Not only is the product beautiful from the inside out but the results work definitely show from the inside and then externally with your skin, hair and nails. But for me it’s much more.
I notice the biggest difference when I have run out of the powder before I get more. It’s helped with my overall health, digestion and most of all has helped with my symptoms of (endo) inflammation. Cannot get enough! :)

It actually works!

Seriously. As the title suggests, this product actually works - after using it for the last few months the change in my skin, hair and nails has been drastically noticeable. Couldn't recommend more... plus it tastes GREAT!


I have received countless compliments around my skin after using my Pearl Superpowder. My skin is glowing, supple and overall just feels healthy. Also love that you know where it’s coming from. Will definitely continue to use and recommend to friends.

Refill pouch

I have used many collagen powders and Pearl is my favourite. The fine texture, the slight hint of coconut, the added Kakadu plum.
I love it!

Love it

Have been using this product for several weeks now. I have noticed a difference in my skin especially. Bonus it tastes amazing.


This is hands down the best tasting collagen I’ve tried and I’ve tried so so many!! No bad odour and tastes amazing. Can’t wait to see what wonders it does to my skin!! Worth every dollar!!

Best Marine Collagen on the market

Without a doubt the best marine collagen on the market. Within weeks my nails and hair were back to being strong and healthy after two depleting pregnancies. So happy I found PEARL! Highly recommend both flavours but Coconut is my favourite in my morning espresso, add's a delicious creaminess. Also love the purity of the ingredients used - no nasties - plus I know WHERE the collagen has come from - that it's wild caught and hasn't come from farmed fish (antibiotics & hormones). Absolutely love PEARL.